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I wonder why people don't like this show?

I was confused at first and I realized that for the first few eps they were telling the same event from different view points and I get why that annoyed people but other than that it is really good. I kinda want to read the "light novels" so I can understand it more. (Quotation marks around the words light novel because those novels are anything but light.)

So anyway, I'm trying to get together a list of otome games and visual novels that I want to play over the break and into next year once I finish Fate/Stay Night. I really want to play Hatoful Boyfriend, starry sky, Monochrome Heaven, Brass Restoration Katawa Shoujo, Narcissu, True Remembrance and Uta no Prince-Sama. (Yes it is a lot, I know.)

I know I got some recs on tumblr for some otome games but do any of you guys have any?

Date: 2011-12-09 11:11 pm (UTC)
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While not otome games, if you haven't played them I would recommend Ever 17 (translation was officially released but it's out of print so it's hard to find copies) and Aoishiro (fan translation, but you can buy the JP game as a download so it's fairly easy to get)

If you're into plot-heavy there isn't much available in English on the otome side at the moment, Date Warp is probably your best bet. (And I'm not just saying that because of personal involvement!) Cafe 0 is a possibility but I haven't played it yet.


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