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I lurked LJ for a while before I got a LJ in 2006 so about 5-6 years with a journal, 8-9 years total.

Man, I remember when LJ switched to the Russians and STRIKETHROUGH 2007. Good times.

Um, I like all the new features and such like the icon addons.
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Two, almost 3 days straight. My mom was out of town and I cleaned the house and did all my chores and I had nothing to interrupt me.

The only time I stopped was to take a shower, use the toilet, take a small nap, and order take out.

No. I am not ashamed of this at all.
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The Hunger Game.

I've started to read it and I LOVE IT.
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Walking Dead.

Full Stop.

I need to watch the last few episodes though.
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My earliest memeory was of snow. It was the great snowstorm/ice storm that hit our town when I was little. There was ice and snow everywhere. I remember my sister making a snowman and me eating waffles and watching out the window because I wasn't allowed outside.
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My ultimate dream job is to be a historian and be surrounded by ancient text and literature

Nothing would make me happier.
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In my room, curled underneath my blankets and reading a book or surfing the net.
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What cheers me up is video games and eating my favorite foods. Also, chatting with my friends.
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I wish I had grown up in the city. When I stayed there during college, I felt more at home there than in my own home town. Also, there were places where you could go to expand your mind and also have fun. I hope that I can go back next year and most likely stay there.


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