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I'm sorry guys. The only reason I'm doing this is to hide the NC-17 things that I'll start posting and personal things that I'm posting.

Majority of my entries won't be f-locked however. Once again, I'm really sorry!
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This is my Journal and such. As you can see there is mostly twitter things on here but if you look at my tags you can find my fanfictions that I have yet to post to the main comm or hetaliafic. (I should really do that soon.) And old fics too.

I have a spam post where you can post random shit in there or have fun with.

I'm glad to have you as a LJ friend!
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So I'm thinking of sending Holiday cards to 4 people on my f-list, who would like one?

I know I'm sending a letter to Sweden (I need to find out how much postage is to Sweden) and one to Japan.(I need to find out how much postage is to Japan too). Also, [ profile] tomariq, as soon as my printer stops being a dick, I'm sending your letter, too.

Also, my mother and sister can't decide on what I should give them. Maybe I should just get them books or make them something.

Who knew getting Christmas gifts for everyone was so hard?

Edit: All comments will be screened so no one but me can see your address.
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Hey Guys!

I hope that most of you don't mind that I friended you and I'm sorry for not commenting to all the ones I friended. (I really had nothing to say.)

Also, I must seem so boring. But I'm not really!

Um what else can I say? Oh! I have a spam post that you guys can spam the hell out of. And a list of my folders for you to download.

I'm also the mod at the Estonia community [ profile] binary_genius and the Sealand/Latvia [ profile] toy_armada too. And a really need a another mod for them. Anyone interested?

So, uh, does anyone questions.

Man, I'm so awkward.
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I saw this on [ profile] mozaemonpico lj and I posted it here

- Who are you?
- Are we friends?
- When and how did we meet?
- Would you kiss me?
- Give me a nickname and explain why?
- Describe me in one word!
- What was your first impression of me?
- Do you still think the same?
- What reminds you of me?
- If you could give me anything what would it be?
- How well do you know me?
- Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?
- Would you ever meet up with me?


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