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I'm still kicking myself for not being able to do Nano or Yuletide this year. For NaNo, I had this whole story planned (and said story was inspired by a hilarious conversation with [ profile] spikaleido) and characters and everything. But the work for school killed my free time, especially since I had a set back on two off my papers which then set back all my other plans. But I think I'll still write it out and at least now I can make it as long as I want it to be.

On Yuletide, I chickened out. I told myself I would do it but then I got too scared to sign up.
I'll try again next year but I can't wait for all the fics that will come out of this Yuletide, though.

I kinda wonder if there is going to be another [ profile] aphbadexchange this year? That was fun to do and I want to do it again.

Surprisingly, college hasn't been kicking my ass like it usually does. In fact, I'm doing pretty well. It's one of my roommates that is making the dorm part of college life suck. Ugh. I really hope she gets moved out next semester. But oh well, all I have left now is just one week of classes and then 3 exams and 1 paper and then I'm done!

And then I can spend winter break finishing the backlog of fics I have, update my hetalia kink meme fills, stop being a chicken and post some fills for some of the requests on the Tiger and Bunny Kink meme, send off that present to a certain someone (and hope they aren't mad at me), beat harvest moon, catch up on some shows, post some new recipes, AND FINALLY BEAT FATE/STAY NIGHT DAMN IT.

But first, I have to survive Christmas at my sister's house. Fun.
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Wow. I haven't posted here in a while. I guess I should give you guys an update huh?

Well, college is going well! I've had a little problems with my suite mates over chores and the kitchen but other than that, it has been good.

My classes have been going sort of well. My World History teacher is vague about what he wants for his papers, so that is always a hit and miss with him and my philosophy professor is ridiculously young looking to the point that once we didn't realize he was standing outside of the class with us because he looked like a college student.

Also, I went to AWA with [ profile] lolapandi and her friends. That was super fun. I wish I could have done the three days. Hopefully we can all meet again at Momocon which is being held near my dorm! I wish I could have met some of my somarium rp buddies but I couldn't. Maybe for Momocon I'll make a sign.

Anyway, Tiger and Bunny is over and I really hope it is given a 2nd season or something. I loved that show and that is the first non-shojo or josei anime I've watched in a while. Speaking of that I still need to finish Star Driver. It has been a year since it started and I need to finish that show, Durarara!!, Usagi Drop, and No.6. Usagi Drop and No.6 were thrown to the side when I got thrust into T&B and Mawaru Penguindrum. The latter of which is getting really good.

Even though I am a few weeks late, I'm starting to watch some of the new season's anime. Right now, I've started on Horizon On the Middle of Nowhere and next I'll watch Fate/Zero, Mirai Nikki, Guilty Crown, Chihayafuru for my josei fix, Iku Musume 2, I Don't Have Many Friends, and Kimi to Boku. Also, I might check out the new Last Exile,too.

Now, a new Gundam came out called Gundam AGE and from what I've heard, it is not worth watching. I might watch it to see what is is, since I am a Gundam fan, but if it is bad then I'll drop it. Which hurts me to say that. I didn't even drop Gundam Seed Destiny when it got bad.

Oh yeah! The new figure skating season started yesterday! Skate America has me going щ(≖益≖✿щ) why щ(≖益≖✿щ)

So anyway, how have you guys been doing? Tell me what you've been up to!
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I'm so excited that finally after 2 years I can leave home and go back to Atlanta and get my degree. I even got my room and suite-mates/roommates after my mom and her friends were being pessimistic and taunting me. They said that I will never get a room since I didn't graduate until May and I would have to stay home.

I would rather live on the street in Atlanta and go to school than stay here any longer. They are not good for me mentally and if I didn't get a room I don't know what they would do.

Well anyway, I'm glad I got a room with a kitchen which means I can keep doing my cooking and baking posts. One of my suitemates commented that she loved baking as well and was going to bring her things.

Speaking of baking, I was planning on starting a little business of selling red velvet waffles, brownies, and hot tea/coffee or chocolate out of my dorm.

Anyway, I fucking love Tiger and Bunny, Usagi Drop and Mawaru Penguindrum. I just got done watching Tiger and Bunny from episode 1 to the recent one episode 19 and I'm kicking myself for not getting into this earlier. It is so good. I hope it gets a 2nd season (and hope it doesn't turn out to be like Code Geass R2.)

Usagi Drop is just cute. Enough Said.

And Penguindrum is exciting. It has me wondering and trying to figure out what is going on. Also, Penguins:
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Hetalia Holidays
Friending Meme

So I am done with my college classes, for now, and I made two perfect scores on two of my finals!

Now I just need to finish my application for Georgia State and get ready for the next 5 months of classes and prep for graduation.

I don't know if I'm ready go there but I am ready to leave this town and go back to the city. I can't wait to be able to speak my mind again.

So yeah...

Jul. 2nd, 2009 03:41 pm
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I have a sponsored account now and it looks really cool, my only problem is that the Cyrillic letters...oh well, I need to learn Russian anyway! And I get more icons!

Well, what have I been doing since I left college? I've become a member of an rp comm named nation_corp and working on my stories and novel....and trying to find a job....

So what has been going with you guys? I would like to hear from all of you...

....and that made me sound like a creeper! Oh well.
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So my college was without power the other day because of the high winds and every girl on campus was going through internet withdrawal.

It was like, "Hey I have no class today! I can go read that fan fiction...oh wait, I can't...Oh well! I can watch stuff on youtube...I can't do that either!....I'll just play world of warcraft! I CAN'T DO THAT EITHER!!! I'll do my homework then....wait....I need power for that....WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO?!?!?!"

And then the power came back on while we were in the dining hall and one of the girls shouted, "AND THE LIGHTS CAME ON AND I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!!"


"NOW I HAVE TO DO MY HOMEWORK...and I just lost my girl boner..."

So yeah, it was like that...

But since it came back I could start on my next part of that kink meme fill that I'm doing...I'm thinking of de-anoning myself and post it here since it's going to be hellishly long.

What do you guys think?

Well Damn

Apr. 3rd, 2009 03:54 pm
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It's been so long since I've posted here, hasn't it? I wonder if any of my old friends think that I am still alive.....

Man, I haven't even updated my fanfictions in months/years either even though they are almost done. And the only fanfictions I have written are for the Hetalia and Phoenix Wright kink memes. Which are AWESOME btw. The Phoenix Wright one is epic and the Hetalia one is getting there.

........I should probably get on to posting those here and on fan fiction dot net.......

Well, college is cool and it is also a spawn from hell determined to swallow me whole. But I bet it is like that to everyone.

And also, I dived into a few new fandoms and got back into some old ones like Utena and Gunbuster, one of which I found right after my last post. The first one is Axis Powers Hetalia(In which, at one point, I stopped caring that I was shipping my country with other countries...), Phoenix Wright( Well...I knew about it, and wanted to play it, but was unable to until I got to college.), and Sayanara Zetsubo Sensei( I don't know how many times this show has cheered me up in the past few months.)

Well, you guys should start seeing more from me this new Hetalia fanfiction I'm writing right now.....

And I leave you guys with one question: Did you guys ever read Captain Underpants when you were a kid? If you did, you might get this next fanfiction. If not, then you might just see it as weird and lulzy.


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