Nov. 22nd, 2011

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I'm still kicking myself for not being able to do Nano or Yuletide this year. For NaNo, I had this whole story planned (and said story was inspired by a hilarious conversation with [ profile] spikaleido) and characters and everything. But the work for school killed my free time, especially since I had a set back on two off my papers which then set back all my other plans. But I think I'll still write it out and at least now I can make it as long as I want it to be.

On Yuletide, I chickened out. I told myself I would do it but then I got too scared to sign up.
I'll try again next year but I can't wait for all the fics that will come out of this Yuletide, though.

I kinda wonder if there is going to be another [ profile] aphbadexchange this year? That was fun to do and I want to do it again.

Surprisingly, college hasn't been kicking my ass like it usually does. In fact, I'm doing pretty well. It's one of my roommates that is making the dorm part of college life suck. Ugh. I really hope she gets moved out next semester. But oh well, all I have left now is just one week of classes and then 3 exams and 1 paper and then I'm done!

And then I can spend winter break finishing the backlog of fics I have, update my hetalia kink meme fills, stop being a chicken and post some fills for some of the requests on the Tiger and Bunny Kink meme, send off that present to a certain someone (and hope they aren't mad at me), beat harvest moon, catch up on some shows, post some new recipes, AND FINALLY BEAT FATE/STAY NIGHT DAMN IT.

But first, I have to survive Christmas at my sister's house. Fun.


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